Producers of Matt's Reef - an online video series we were just getting into - announce its cancellation.

Producers of Matt’s Reef – an online video series we were just getting into – announce its cancellation.

Matthew Galat plays the lead role in the movie that is his own life. An expat living abroad, his youtube channel, The JaYoe Nation Youtube Channel covers so much more than reefs. On Sept. 5th, 2014, Galat shared the 4th and final video in his “Matt’s Reef Tank” series, a bittersweet farewell as he embarks on a 5 year mission to travel the world on a recumbent bicycle.

Maybe not 100% accurate, certainly not 100% “best practices”, Galat nevertheless is endearing and charming to watch as he plods through life as a reefkeeper in China. While we would have hoped for more reef videos from Galat in the future, it’s time to take a look back at this unique and enjoyable series.

Episode 1 – Tank Construction

Episode 2 – Trip to the Chinese Fish Shop
My personal favorite, showing a look at the “LFS” or Local Fish Store, as it exists in China.

Episode 3 – Testing Part 1 — the Basics

Episode 3- Testing Part 2 — the Procedures

Episode 4 – The End? — A Heat Crash
Definitely a worthwhile watch for anyone who’s suffered a major setback with their reef tanks, and the last installment of the series

While this marks the end, for now, of Galat’s aquarium contributions, you can follow him on his journey as he documents it online at

While our pH may waver, and our nitrates may try to rise, Matthew, may your tires stay inflated and your sleeping accommodations always be dry!

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