This stunning video shows Centropyge (Paracentropyge) boyleyi (The Peppermint Angelfish) and Centropyge narcosis (the Narcosis or Narc Angelfish) cohabitating in the wild. According to the brief video description provided, these fish were filled at “Approximately 360 feet deep off Rarotonga, Cook Islands.” Both deepwater fish are considered among the “holy grails” (if there can be more than one) of rare, deepwater marine angelfish. Imagine the biotope aquarium showing off a pair of each (you’ll also briefly notice a Forcipiger sp. Butterflyfish making a cameo appearance even at these great depths)!

You can read more about deepwater marine fish collection for the aquarium trade in the May/June 2014 issue of CORAL Magazine – see Ken Wingerter’s article Deep Focus.

Video Credit: MarineExploration on Youtube

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