Pacific Aqua Farms has this “Tank Raised” juvenile Clarion Angelfish, Holacanthus clarionensis, waiting for a wholesale buyer at a hefty four-figure price. The fish shown in a company video is very similar to a specimen previously received by Quality Marine, who described it as aquacultured by Bali Aquarich. See CORAL report. It would likely to be more accurate to describe this fish as “captive-bred” rather than just “tank-raised.”

Reports around the country suggest that these little beauties are now trickling into the aquarium trade but still command premium prices.

Located in near LAX in Los Angeles, Pacific Aqua Farms is headed up by veteran marine livestock importer and coral aquaculturist Dave Palmer. PAF sells only to retail stores and institutions. Interested buyers should contact John Sanchez at PAF.

Video Credit: Sylvia Valle/Pacific Aqua Farms | YouTube

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