Almost a thing of the past, a fish-dominated marine aquarium with no corals or ornamental invertebrates is a rarity these days, but Reefbuilders’ videographer Jake Adams finds an outstanding exception in the home of Chris Campbell of Highlands, Colorado.

“Once upon a time, fish keeping was the main event of the marine aquarium hobby and invertebrates and corals were barely even a fringe,” says Jake in documenting this 500-gallon FOWLR (Fish Only With Live Rock) reef that is populated with a envy-generating collection of some of the most-coveted species in the saltwater hobby. Here’s a jaw-dropping assemblage of Conspicillatus, Bandit, True Personifer, and Cortez Angelfishes, Wrought Iron and Declivis Butterflyfishes, and too many others—including a fat, bold and sassy Moorish Idol— to count in two minutes.

Note that this video generated some controversy on YouTube. How does he keep these fishes so healthy looking in such a barren environment?

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