We recently ran a number of stories online regarding the last minute effort to interject commentary into the efforts to list 66 species of stony corals under the Endangered Species Act (ESA). [Story #1, #2, #3, #4]

Between Wednesday, April 3rd, 2013, and the closure of public commentary end-of-day Saturday, April 6th, 2013, the online tally of received ESA comments at Regulations.gov started at 43 (when we first noticed it), and closed at 912.  Public commentary was extensive, but simply glancing through the opening excerpts online, it seems many aquarists and scientists, from all walks, see the value in protecting wild corals, but insist on distinctions being made for mariculture & aquaculture.

Coral Editors selected excerpts of the public comments of Andrew L. Rhyne, Ph.D., Christopher P. Jury, and Professor Peter J. Edmunds, Ph.D., for inclusion in the forthcoming May/June 2013 issue of CORAL Magazine.   We have republished their full public commentary as a supplement to the print magazine; the full text is available through the subsequent three links.

Testimony of Andrew L. Rhyne, Ph.D.

Testimony of Christopher P. Jury

Testimony of Professor Peter J. Edmunds, Ph.D.

Beyond these three submissions, many others caught our attention and are worthy of your consideration.  These comments cover a broad range of opinions from full support to full objection to the proposed listing; these links point directly to Regulations.gov where you can read or download the testimony.

Testimony of Steven Tyree, 2012

Testimony of Zack Jud, 2013

Testimony of Suzy Applegarth, 2013

Testimony of Tal Sweet, 2013

Testimony of Lynne Hinkey, 2013

Testimony of Vincent Rado, 2013

Testimony of Friends of the Earth Malaysia / Sahabat Alam Malaysia, 2013

Testimony of the Sierra Club, 2013

Testimony of Martin Hicks, 2013

Testimony of Christopher Dixon / Eagle Ray Dive Club, 2013

Testimony of Louisiana Council of Underwater Dive Clubs, 2013

Testimony of Richard Oellers, 2013

Testimony of Richard Oellers, 2010

Testimony of Guam Department of Agriculture/Division of Aquatic & Wildlife Resources, 2013

Testimony of Dr. Suharsono, Recenter Center for Oceanography – Indonesian Institute of Sciences, 2013

Testimony of Thierry Ledee, President, St. Thomas Fishermen’s Association, 2013

Testimony of the IUCN Coral Specialist Group, 2010

Testimony of Katherine Muzik, Director, Kulu Wai and Associate in Natural Sciences, Bishop Museum, 2013

Testimony of William F. Precht, 2013

Testimony of Matthew Ross, 2013

Testimony of Antoni Eishoei, 2013

Testimony of Alicia Cretini, 2013

Testimony of Eric Cohen, Sea Dwelling Creatures, 2013

Testimony of Laurel Scott, 2013

Testimony of Cry of the Water, 2010

Testimony of the Department of Navy DASNEIE, 2013

Testimony of Morgan Moore, Reef Gardner, 2013

Testimony of Morgon Mok, Reef Gardener, 2010

Testimony of Christopher Buerner, Quality Marine, 2013

Testimony of Christopher Buerner, Quality Marine, 2010

Testimony of Forest Young, Dynasty Marine, 2010

Testimony of Sharath Ravula, 2013

Testimony of Randy Donowitz, 2013

Testimony of Marc Levenson, Melev’s Reef / Reef Addicts, 2013

Testimony of Kevin Kohen, Drs. Foster & Smith, 2013

Testimony of Harry Tung, Reef Hobbyist Magazine, 2010

Testimony of R. Sherman Wilhelm, Director, Division of Aquaculture, Florida Department of Agriculture and Consumer Services, 2010



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