Here is a 250-gallon (950-L) reef aquarium owned by Greg Heifner in Colombia, Missouri. The system operates with a 150-gallon algal turf scrubber located below in the basement.

Note the profusion of red mushroom anemones on the right-hand-side of the aquascape.

From his YouTube posting:

250 gallon reef lit with 560 1-watt LEDs. Algae turf scrubbing system.
The tank was lit for years with 900 watts of MH and 80 watts of Actinic florescent. My refrigeration (chiller)  unit hardly ever comes on anymore with the cooler LEDs.
Half are 12,000K white ones and the others are about 450nm blue.
I like these LEDs enough that I am now importing them for other reefkeepers in my community.

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