CORAL celebrates the beauty, personalities, and diversity of the family Labridae with profiles of wrasses ranging from reef-safe flasher and fairy wrasse species to fascinating behemoths such as the Broomtail Wrasse, Cheilinus lunulatus, shown on the cover. 

• With a publication date of May 7th, this forthcoming issue of CORAL will feature cover articles by Scott W. Michael, Inken Krause, with glorious images by Daniel Knop,  Alf Jacob Nilsen, and others, along with expert advice on the selection, care, and husbandry of aquarium wrasses.

Murray Camp looks at reef aquarium supplements and supplementation approaches, including an interview with Dr. Hans-Werner Balling and The Balling Method.

• Dr. Roy Caldwell documents his astonishing encounters with the Wonderpus Octopus, Wonderpus photogenicus, as well as a report on the first captive spawning in his San Francisco laboratory.

CORAL Magazine May/June 2013, Volume 10 Number 3. Coming May 7th, 2013. Click to enlarge.

• Dr. Dieter Brockmann examines the stinging mechanisms of corals and sea anemones, with eye-opening details for all marine aquarium keepers.

• Heading for a destination visited by relatively few divers, Werner Fiedler takes the reader on a tour of the surprising marine life of Pico Island in the Azores.

• And much more, including rare species, outstanding reef aquariums, expert tricks for hatching Artemia, and views on proposed new US legislation that would impact the aquarium trade.

Materials deadline: Friday, APRIL 12th, 2013

On sale date: May 7th, 2013

Cover Image: Broomtail Wrasse by Alf Jacob Nilsen; background Lobophyllia by Janine Cairns Michael.

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