CORAL’s first issue of 2013, Volume 10, Number 1.

CORAL will start off the New Year with an issue packed with excitement and good news, as we report on worldwide marine aquarium fish breeding successes.

With a publication date of January 1st, the issue will feature Richard Ross and Matt Wandell working with Ghost Pipefish at the Steinhart Aquarium, Matthew Wittenrich breeding the Starry Dragonet, Matt Pedersen’s hard-learned lessons in basement breeding of the Banggai Cardinalfish, and a roundup scoreboard by Tal Sweet of all known captive breeding breakthroughs with by renowned European breeder Wolfgang Mai.

Coming January 1st, 2013. Click to enlarge.

Also in the issue:

• Exploring the Belize Barrier Reef, a treasure in the western Caribbean
• Hardy, Photosynthetic Gorgonians by Colin Foord
• Keeping Zebra Mantis Shrimp, Part II by Dr. Roy Caldwell
• Old Reef Syndrome: Coping with Phosphate Accumulation by Daniel Knop
• Rare Pygmy Angelfishes, Burkhard Weller’s mega-aquarium, and much more.

Materials deadline: December 7, 2012

On sale date: January 1, 2013


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