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September/October 2012, Volume 9, Number 5

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• Scott W. Michael on American Angelfishes found in Florida, Gulf of Mexico, and Baja California waters. Part I covers the glorious genus Holacanthus.

• Dr. Matthew L. Wittenrich looks at the work of Ken Nedimyer and his Coral Restoration Foundation, which is now starting to outplant farmed young colonies of Elkhorn Coral, Acropora palmata, to degraded reef areas in the Florida Keys.

• Dick Perrin tells the story behind his new dazzling new aquacultured Rock Anemones, Epicystis crucifer.

• Dr. Dieter Brockmann explores the subject of seawater chemistry and the must-know basics of successfully using salt mixes.

• Felicia McCaulley visits Pennsylvania veteran reef aquarist Dan Rigle who admits he’s “addicted to Acropora” in an Aquarium Portrait not to be missed.

And much more…

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