EcoAquariums collector Steven Paul, the man who netted the Lightning Maroon Clownfish in Papua New Guinea.

Meet the Collectors

Steven was born on Fisherman’s Island in 1984.  He married Huga Paul in 1998 and they have had 3 children together, so far….  He was as a spear fisherman for years until he had the opportunity to catch aquarium fish.  Steven caught the famous Lightning Maroon Clownfish in 2010, which is now in the care of Matt Pedersen in the USA.

He says he knows where more lightnings are, he just hasn’t gotten around to catching more of them for us yet…

He plays competitively for the cricket team “Flounder Fish” and says, “I just like to hit the ball.”. He loves Jackie Chan films and would someday like to see America.

EcoAquariums is introducing a new labeling program which will allow aquarists who purchase their marine animals to be able to look the details of their collection and the person who did the collecting.

From EcoAquariums Papua New Guinea About Us

The Lightning Project The Ongoing Saga of the PNG Lightning Maroon Clownfish Breeding Project
Image right by Matt Pedersen. 

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