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2     Letter From Europe by Daniel Knop
5     Editor’s Page by James M. Lawrence
6     Letters
8     Reef News
20     Rarities: Short Bigeyes (genus Prestigenys) by Scott W. Michael
28     Interview: Dr. Chris Langdon by Ed Haag  

38     Designer Animals by Daniel Knop
44     Quasimodo Fishes – Learning from the missteps of freshwater aquarium breeders by Mary Bailey
52     Accidental Selection – How chance plays a role in the survival and evolution of aquatic creatures by Julian Sprung
68     Latezonatus Lust – Finding elusive success propagating the Wideband Anemonefish, Amphiprion latezonatus by Matt Pedersen
82     Thailand: Koh Samui – Among coconut palms and corals by Sabine Sax and Inken Krause
90     HLLE and a Smoking Gun – Activated carbon demonstrated as one cause of Head and Lateral Line Erosion by Jay F. Hemdal

97     Home Office Masterpiece – The aquarium of Stuart Bertram  by Tony Vargas

107     Species Spotlight: The Pajama Cardinalfish by Daniel Knop and the CORAL staff
113     Reefkeeping 101:  Propagating soft corals by Daniel Knop
118     Coralexicon: Technical terms that appear in this issue
122     Advanced Aquatics:  Hearst Expedition yields new species and exhibits by J. Charles Delbeek
126     Advertiser Index
128     Reef Life by Denise Nielsen Tackett and Larry P. Tackett

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